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OCTOBER 25-26, 2019

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Do you want to be encouraged toward a more thoughtful and winsome faith? Do you want to impact the next generation for Christ and gain a better foundation for providing answers about Christianity to those in your sphere of influence? If you are influencing students or young people or are a student yourself (age 13 and up), this conference is for you. Parents. Grandparents. Youth workers. Homeschoolers. Sunday school teachers. Pastors. Christian educators. Students. If you’re in any position to influence lives, don’t miss this opportunity to get trained in defending the faith. Be prepared to provide solid answers for your hope in Christ.

As Christians it is our mission to stand up for what we believe in and share the good news with the world around us. If you wish to be more confident in your faith and are looking for new knowledge in defending your faith, join us for this two day conference involving cutting-edge presentations from world-class speakers on topics that will help you explore the evidences for the Christian worldview. Together we will tackle tough questions and be inspired to a more robust and reasonable faith while also becoming more equipped to effectively make a case for Christ in an increasingly hostile world.




Dr. Frank Turek

Frank Turek is a dynamic speaker and award-winning author or coauthor of four books: Stealing from God:  Why Atheists Need God to make their Case, I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, Correct, Not Politically Correct and Legislating Morality. As the President of, Frank presents powerful and entertaining evidence for Christianity at churches, high schools and at secular college campuses that often begin hostile to his message. He has also debated several prominent atheists including Christopher Hitchens and David Silverman, president of American Atheists. Frank hosts an hour-long TV program each week called I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist that is broadcast Wednesday nights on DirecTV Channel 378 (NRBTV). His radio program called CrossExamined with Frank Turek airs on 186 stations every Saturday morning at 10 a.m. eastern and is available continuously on the free CrossExamined App. Frank is a widely featured guest in the media as a leading apologetics expert and cultural commentator. He has appeared on hundreds of radio programs and many top TV programs including: The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity and Colmes, Faith Under Fire, and Politically Incorrect. He also writes a column for and several other sites.
A former aviator in the US Navy, Frank has a master’s degree from the George Washington University and a doctorate from Southern Evangelical Seminary.  He and his wife, Stephanie, are blessed with three grown sons.

Dr. J.P. Moreland

J. P. Moreland is Distinguished Professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. He received a B. S. in physical chemistry from the University of Missouri, a Th.M. in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, an M.A. in philosophy from the University of California at Riverside, and a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Southern California. He has authored, edited, or contributed papers to ninety-five books, including Does God Exist? (Prometheus), Universals (McGill-Queen’s), Consciousness and the Existence of God(Routledge), TheBlackwell Companion to Natural TheologyThe Blackwell Companion to Substance Dualism, and Debating Christian Theism (Oxford.) He has also published close to 90 articles in journals such as Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, American Philosophical Quarterly, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, MetaPhilosophy, Philosophia Christi, Religious Studies, and Faith and Philosophy. Moreland was selected in 2016 by The Best Schools as one of the 50 most influential living philosophers.

Dr. Phil Fernandes

Phil Fernandes is the president of the Institute of Biblical Defense, which he founded in 1990 to teach Christians how to defend the Christian Faith.  He is also the pastor of Trinity Bible Fellowship in Silverdale, Washington, and teaches philosophy, world religions, theology, and apologetic’s for CrossPoint Academy and the Imago Dei Institute (formerly Cascade Bible College). Dr. Fernandes has earned the following degrees:  a Ph.D. in philosophy of religion from Greenwich University, a Master of Arts in Religion from Liberty University, and a Bachelor of Theology from Columbia Evangelical Seminary. Phil is a member of four professional societies:  the Evangelical Theological Society, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, the International Society of Christian Apologetics, the International Society of Christian Apologetics, and the Society of Christian Philosophers. Dr. Fernandes is the author of several books:  The God Who Sits Enthroned: Evidence for God’s ExistenceNo Other Gods: A Defense of Biblical Christianity; God, Government, and the Road to Tyranny; Contend Earnestly for the Faith; and Theism vs. Atheism: The Internet Debate (co-authored with Dr. Michael Martin).  Fernandes has also contributed a chapter to The Big Argument: Does God Exist?, edited by John Ashton and Michael Westacott. Dr. Fernandes honorably served his country from 1980 to 1983 in the United States Marine Corps.


Matt Adams- Master Illusionist

Matt Adams has performed his stage show “Connections” in countries around the world on every continent but Antarctica! Matt has performed in amazing places like Australia, Ireland, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, England, Kenya, Uganda, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic! He has performed his family-appropriate magic for people from all walks of life from young children to celebrities, top executives and CEOs. Recognized in the magic community for his groundbreaking work on the Illusion Repository, Matt has also produced several online magic videos including a very popular tutorial for coin manipulation. His viewers now number in the hundred-thousands. He performed at the world famous Magic Live convention hosted in Las Vegas in 2016. Matt was also published in September 2011 issue of the famous Society of American Magician’s Magazine called MUM. Matt has also been published in the online magic magazine “The Magic Roadshow,” distributed to many different countries world-wide. Matt has held memberships in the most prestigious magic societies in the world including the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), the Society of American Magicians (SAM), and the Fellowship of Christian Magicians (FCM). Matt has performed at many high-profile venues and at numerous churches, schools, hotels, professional organizations, country clubs, camps, and more. Matt often performs for adults. But he has also worked specifically with children and youth in various settings including Sunday morning Bible studies, CEF clubs, AWANA, Upward events, DNow, VBS, school programs, summer camps, mission trips, and more for over 15 years. Matt is also an approved Upward Entertainer and CEF performer.


Ryan Clair Music


Friday October 25th:

  • 6:00pm- Doors Open
  • 6:30pm- Welcome with Matt Adams Illusionist
  • 6:45pm- Musical Worship with Ryan Clair Music
  • 6:57pm- Session 1: Why Apologetics? with J.P. Moreland
  • 8:00pm- Intermission
  • 8:20pm- Session 2: Why Atheism Fails? with Frank Turek
  • 9:10pm- Closing- Matt Adams

Saturday October 26th:

  • 8:30am- Doors Open
  • 9:00am- Welcome with Matt Adams Illusionist
  • 9:15am- Musical Worship with Ryan Clair Music
  • 9:28am- Session 3: Why Science Needs Faith? with J.P. Moreland
  • 10:40am- Break
  • 10:55am- Session 4: Why Trust the Bible? with Frank Turek
  • 12:12pm- Lunch
  • 1:10pm- Session 5: Why Jesus? with J.P. Moreland
  • 2:12pm- Break
  • 2:25pm- Session 6: Why Evil? with Phil Fernandes
  • 3:30pm- Break
  • 3:45pm- Sesion 7: Why Biblical Sexuality? with Frank Turek


Regular = $45

Add Spouse = $35

Student = $35

Group of 4+ = $35/ticket

Overflow Seating = $25/ticket

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