• ILLUMINATE 2019: Exploring the Evidence for Christianity
  • DOES GOD EXIST? DEBATE (Rand Wagner vs. Bob Seidensticker)
  • ILLUMINATE 2013: Worldview & Apologetics Conference
  • War of the Worldviews (Ray Lubeck, PhD)
  • The Cumulative Case For God (Phil Fernandes, PhD)
  • Loving God with All Your Mind (Josh Orozco, PhD)
  • Christianity and the Nature of Science (Greg Malloy, MA)
  • How Could a Good God Allow Suffering (Gerry Breshears, PhD)
  • The Last Words of Muhammad, the Buddha, and Jesus Christ (Justin Holcomb, PhD)
  • Jesus: Fact or Fiction? (J.P. Moreland, PhD and Craig Hazen, PhD)
  • Christ Among Other gods: What About Other Religions? (Gerry Breshears, PhD)
  • Islam and Christianity (James DeYoung, ThD)
  • Untangling the Davinci Code: Diffusing False Thinking (Jan Verbruggen, PhD)
  • Effective Tactics in Defending the Faith (Nate Baxter, PhD)
  • Is Christ Divided? An Answer to the Disunity Problem (Rex Koivisto, PhD)
  • Jesus & Truth: The Message for Modern Times (Brad Harper, PhD)
  • The Cross of Christ and the Problem of Evil (Rand Wagner, MA)
  • The Search for the Biblical Jesus (Ray Lubeck, PhD)
  • What is Hell? (Todd Miles PhD Cand.)
  • Does God Exist?  A Live Debate (Gary DeWeese, PhD  – Ken Clatterbaugh, PhD – Jim Corbett MA – Michael Gurney, PhD Cand.  Rand Wagner, MA- Moderator)
  • Trinity and Culture (Nate Baxter, PhD)
  • Does God Exist? A Live Debate (Rand Wagner, MA -Jim Corbett, MA)
  • Unlocking the Da Vinci Code (Lee Strobell and Erwin Lutzer)
  • Jesus: Legend or Lord (Paul L. Maier, PhD)
  • The Case for a Creator (Phil Fernandes, PhD)
  • The Resurrection: Myth, Hallucination, Hoax, or History? (Craig Hazen, PhD)