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Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D (Director, Christian Apologetics Program, Biola University)

I’m so excited about Thoughtlife and what Rand has put together in the past – cutting-edge lectures, debates, and events. I have worked with enough people and new ministries in the past to know when one has what it takes to make a deep impact for Christ. Rand is just such an individual. He is deeply devoted to Christ, well-educated, very articulate, possesses tremendous vision, and has the practical skills to make it all happen. My faculty colleagues and I will do whatever we can to help fulfill his tremendous vision.

Dr. Phil Fernandes (Pastor of Trinity Bible Fellowship and President of the Institute of Biblical Defense)

The God of the Bible commands us to love Him with all our minds, not merely with our hearts. Much of the American church ignores this command. This is why I am grateful for the ministry of Rand Wagner, founder of Thoughtlife. Rand helps to train Christians to “contend earnestly for the faith once for all delivered to the saints.” He has introduced hundreds of Christians to Christian apologetics, the rational defense of the faith. I have worked with him in the past, and I look forward to “teaming up” with Rand in the future. I fully support his ministry and encourage others to do the same.

G.W. Malloy, MA Philosophy (Christian Worldview Faculty, Grand Canyon University)

Rand is a gifted pastor and teacher who believes every type of ministry is essentially a ministry to bring reconciliation with God and others. I have noticed in Rand a strong desire for authentic Christ-centered relationships. Even though Rand is very smart and loves the deep teachings of the Christian faith, and even though he loves to teach subjects like apologetics and theology, he is more concerned that a person’s heart not be left behind their intellect. He genuinely wants people to grow from the inside out- to be balanced in mind and heart. I know that God will definitely use this man to lead leaders.

Dr. Bert Downs (Executive Director, Southwest Church Connection and former President, Western Seminary)

Once in while you meet someone who seems clearly called to be a special influencer in God’s Kingdom work. Rand Wagner represents one of those “meetings” in my life. Rand has a love for church and community. He also has a love for the Word and apologetics…a great combination for exciting and effective ministry. Rand’s strength’s include: a student of the Word, good communicator, able to persevere, creative visionary, faith, and a family man.

David N Hunt (Former Elder of Glendale FBC; Partner, Hunt & Caraway Architects, Ltd.)

I thank God for Rand’s ministry, guidance, and Christlike leadership. I cannot say in strong enough terms that Rand is effectively equipped to lead others as a gifted pastor and teacher.


I have been very favorably impressed by the events Thoughtlife has sponsored. These events have been well planned and featured speakers with excellent credentials. Rand has great vision for bringing to the Pacific Northwest top flight Christian theologians and philosophers to believers and as an outreach to non believers who need an intellectual justification for faith.