Thoughtlife is a worldview and apologetics training and outreach ministry founded by Rand Wagner. Since Thoughtlife’s inception in 2004, our mission has been to engage minds and hearts with the truth of the Christian worldview in the marketplace of ideas.

We exist to give Christians relevant training to articulate and defend the Biblical worldview reverently, intelligently, confidently, and compassionately. We also strive to engage unbelievers with these ideas to help lead them toward reasonable faith in Christ.

Thoughtlife is a para-church ministry that actively plans and promotes various cutting-edge events such as lectures, debates, and other presentations in churches and other venues. If you are interested in planning an event for your church and or would like to invite us to speak in your group, please contact us. My prayer for this ministry is that it will ultimately encourage and challenge you to grow deeper in the knowledge of and in affection for the Triune God of the Bible. I also hope that it will help you to grow in your ability and desire to engage others effectively for Christ in your sphere of influence.

Thoughtlife.com is a growing online arsenal of audio, video, and textual content added regularly as an apologetics resource to prepare minds for action (1 Pet. 1:13) in defending and contending for the Christian worldview (1 Pet. 3:15, Jude 1:3). In accordance with 2 Cor 10:5, we seek to destroy arguments and opinions raised up against the knowledge of God with a manner and method that honors God and is done with gentleness and respect (1 Pet. 3:15).

The mission is simple- to bring apologetic training to the church which renews the mind, ignites the heart, and challenges the will, in order to make famous the name of Christ, for the glory of God.


I’m so excited about Thoughtlife and what Rand has put together in the past – cutting-edge lectures, debates, and events. I have worked with enough people and new ministries in the past to know when one has what it takes to make a deep impact for Christ. Rand is just such an individual. He is deeply devoted to Christ, well-educated, very articulate, possesses tremendous vision, and has the practical skills to make it all happen. My faculty colleagues and I will do whatever we can to help fulfill his tremendous vision.

Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D (Director, Christian Apologetics Program, Biola University)

The God of the Bible commands us to love Him with all our minds, not merely with our hearts. Much of the American church ignores this command. This is why I am grateful for the ministry of Rand Wagner, founder of Thoughtlife. Rand helps to train Christians to “contend earnestly for the faith once for all delivered to the saints.” He has introduced hundreds of Christians to Christian apologetics, the rational defense of the faith. I have worked with him in the past, and I look forward to “teaming up” with Rand in the future. I fully support his ministry and encourage others to do the same.

Dr. Phil Fernandes (Pastor of Trinity Bible Fellowship and President of the Institute of Biblical Defense)

Rand is a gifted pastor and teacher who believes every type of ministry is essentially a ministry to bring reconciliation with God and others. I have noticed in Rand a strong desire for authentic Christ-centered relationships. Even though Rand is very smart and loves the deep teachings of the Christian faith, and even though he loves to teach subjects like apologetics and theology, he is more concerned that a person’s heart not be left behind their intellect. He genuinely wants people to grow from the inside out- to be balanced in mind and heart. I know that God will definitely use this man to lead leaders.

G.W. Malloy, MA Philosophy (Christian Worldview Faculty, Grand Canyon University)

Once in while you meet someone who seems clearly called to be a special influencer in God’s Kingdom work. Rand Wagner represents one of those “meetings” in my life. Rand has a love for church and community. He also has a love for the Word and apologetics…a great combination for exciting and effective ministry. Rand’s strength’s include: a student of the Word, good communicator, able to persevere, creative visionary, faith, and a family man.

Dr. Bert Downs (Executive Director, Southwest Church Connection and former President, Western Seminary)

I thank God for Rand’s ministry, guidance, and Christlike leadership. I cannot say in strong enough terms that Rand is effectively equipped to lead others as a gifted pastor and teacher.

David N Hunt (Former Elder of Glendale FBC; Partner, Hunt & Caraway Architects, Ltd.)

I have been very favorably impressed by the events Thoughtlife has sponsored. These events have been well planned and featured speakers with excellent credentials. Rand has great vision for bringing to the Pacific Northwest top flight Christian theologians and philosophers to believers and as an outreach to non believers who need an intellectual justification for faith.

-Ben Settle (Attorney/Judge and Thoughtlife event participant)




M.A. in Exegetical Theology from Western Seminary (Portland,OR)

M.A. in Apologetics from Biola University (La Mirada, CA)

B.A. in Intercultural Studies from Biola University (La Mirada, CA)

A.A.S in Funeral Service from Mt. Hood College (Portland,OR)

I’ve taught classes in apologetics, evangelism, ethics, and theology. Having been a Pastor in two churches and having delivered many messages, I’ve seen the importance of balance between the mind, heart, and will in every presentation. I desire to bring apologetics training which renews the mind, ignites the heart, and challenges the will so that we may become more closely conformed to the image of Christ. If you would like to host a lecture, debate, conference, or other presentation please contact me! Call 360.790.6570 or inquire at our contact page.


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