WELCOME To Thoughtlife

Thoughtlife is a worldview and apologetics training and outreach ministry founded by Rand Wagner based in Shelton, Washington. Since Thoughtlife’s inception in 2004, our mission has been to engage minds and hearts with the truth of the Christian worldview in the marketplace of ideas.

We exist to give Christians relevant training to articulate and defend the Biblical worldview reverently, intelligently, confidently, and compassionately. We also strive to engage unbelievers with these ideas to help lead them toward reasonable faith in Christ.

Thoughtlife is a para-church ministry that actively plans and promotes various cutting-edge events such as lectures, debates, and other presentations in churches and other venues. If you are interested in planning an event for your church and or would like to invite us to speak in your group, please contact us. My prayer for this ministry is that it will ultimately encourage and challenge you to grow deeper in the knowledge of and in affection for the Triune God of the Bible. I also hope that it will help you to grow in your ability and desire to engage others effectively for Christ in your sphere of influence.

Thoughtlife.com is a growing online arsenal of audio, video, and textual content added regularly as an apologetics resource to prepare minds for action (1 Pet. 1:13) in defending and contending for the Christian worldview (1 Pet. 3:15, Jude 1:3). In accordance with 2 Cor 10:5, we seek to destroy arguments and opinions raised up against the knowledge of God with a manner and method that honors God and is done with gentleness and respect (1 Pet. 3:15).

The mission is simple- to bring apologetic training to the church which renews the mind, ignites the heart, and challenges the will, in order to make famous the name of Christ, for the glory of God.