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TLblog- 17 Questions to Understand Your Own Worldview by Rand Wagner

What is a worldview?  Definition- A worldview is a conceptual framework or system of thought which everything is given meaning and context. A worldview frames and organizes everything we experience. It is the basic assumptions, values, and allegiances by which we interpret the world around us.

  • Assumptions– things presumed to be true, no proof necessary or possible, cannot be disproved except in personal crisis.
  • Values–  qualities or traits we cherish or esteem by which we assess the worth, goodness, or importance of things and persons
  •  Allegiances– loyalty or faithfulness to an individual, group or cause

Worldview Personal Interview Questions (What is my worldview anyway?):

  1. Do you believe in any sort of a god? Describe that being.
  2. How do you think the world came into existence?
  3. Where do you think the world is heading?
  4. Do you see any sort of purpose within nature? If so, what?
  5. Do you think humans are different from animals?
  6. Do you believe in any sort of spirit world, spritual forces? If so, how would you describe them? Do you hav any sort of interaction with it/ them?
  7. How do you decide what you believe?
  8. Do you believe in truth? Intuitive truth that you sense which is scientifically unprovable?
  9. Are there sources of knowledge about reality which go beyond human experince?
  10. Is it possible there is a reality that is different than your experience?
  11. Is ther an objective reality?
  12. Does humanity have any real purpose in life? Why do you believe this?
  13. Why do you think there is so much suffering and conflict in the world?
  14. What action/attitudes would always be wrong? How do you determine this?
  15. Is there any action/attitude that is always wrong/right? How do you know?
  16. Why do you think there is so much suffering and conflict in the world?
  17. Would you describe yourself as a spiritual or religious person? How would you express that aspect of your person?



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