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Soul Piercing (Luke 1:38)

“Behold the bondslave of the Lord, be it done to me according to your word.”

This is Mary’s response to the angel who visited her informing her that she’d been chosen by the Living God to be the vessel (indeed the mother) for the Messiah, the Christ- whose name shall be called Jesus (Joshua). Like any normal human being would be, Mary was unsure about the prospect of being with child since she was still a virgin. The angel basically tells her that nothing is impossible with God. She is told that God would grow this baby in her womb without her having sexual relations with a man. Her reply is: “be it done to me according to your word.” Talk about some extreme faith. Granted, she was directly visited by a messenger from God, but have we not also been given Scripture, God’s verbal revelation to us. And do we not also have the third person of the Triune God- The Holy Spirit, indwelling our very bodies? Indeed we do, and so our faith, our trust, our committment, our affection, our whole life should overflow of expectation that God will move with power in our midst- even to do things that seem impossible to us.

Lord, please do not leave me alone, but visit me and give me the kind of faith that expects to see you move. Increase my faith that I may never doubt, not only your ability to do what for me may seem impossible, but also that I may never doubt your desire to show your power among your people. Lord, please give me opportunities to be an instrument of your power, and if I fail to take a risk because I my own fear… Lord please give me strength.



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