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Let Your Glory Fall

Here’s a little song I wrote:

We walked among the dead… Hearts of stone hardened by sin

But you burnt our souls with fire…Now your glory is our desire

We talked among the lie…Wills of greed conformed to die

But You captured us with Your grace…Now the Way is who we embrace


Let your glory fall on me

As  I humbly bend my knee

To offer my life to you

As a slave bound to serve the Truth


We walked among the old…Minds of darkness false thoughts to hold

But you opened our eyes to light…Now you Kingdom is our delight

We lived for selfish gain…Bodies of dust our choice to fame

But you’ve broken us of our pride..Now in you is where we abide




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2 responses to “Let Your Glory Fall”

  1. Royal

    I like the lyrics, what is the music? If you can could you send it to Rachel, maybe she can play it on the piano so I can hear it.

  2. randwagner

    I wrote this song and recorded it too. But the recording is pretty brutal. I’ll try it again and send it to you. Thanks Brother

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