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God’s Existence Introduction continued

Without a doubt, the question of the existence of God is the most essential and significant question of human experience. Philosopher and author, Dr. Peter Kreeft, has argued that whether actually true or merely a mental construct, the idea of God’s existence is an idea that has “guided or deluded more lives, changed more history, inspired more poetry and philosophy than anything else, real or imagined. It has made more of a difference to human life on this planet, both individually and collectively, than anything else ever has.”

This influence stems from the tremendous import of the question and from the significant implications of its answer. The question of God’s existence is immeasurably infuential because whether or not God exists in reality determines whether or not there is any ultimate meaning, purpose, or value to life. Furthermore, it is through a person’s belief or disbelief in God that all convictions and life principles are formed or not formed.

Human beings, as rational creatures, want to know if God exists. This desire stems from the longing to answer other essential questions such as: What is ultimately imporatant? To what should I give my life? Is there anything worth dying for? What happens to me when I die? Or are there objectively right, wrong, good, or bad actions? These questions exemplify the clearly identifiable human need to define the “good life” and to know what is really significant. At the end of the day, all other quesstions pale in significance to the question of the reality of God; for the answer to this question affects every aspect of life.

At this point in my blogging career, I can’t think of a more significant and appropriate topic to write on and encourage others to think on. Therefore, for the next few posts I hope to show that the proposition “God exists” as opposed to its opposite is most reasonable. The following posts will will seek to show evidence which “proves” that God is real; that the propostion “God Exists” is true and therefore that the belief in God is actually more reasonable and justified than unbelief.

I hope you are encouraged in your search for the True, the Good, and the Beautiful.



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