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Auditory Learning

I am getting close to having the basic shell of this blog in order so I thought I’d give a heads up to some of its parts. Over the course of our journey through life, we are impacted by various things- such as people’s ideas, music, art, etc. This blog spot includes several items that have been instrumental in my spiritual, intellectual, and relational development. I would like to share briefly a couple of those things:

1. Contemporary Christian Communicators who have mentored me by means of a personal relationship, through speaking, or through writing are listed under my “Mentor Thinkers” section. The hearts and minds of these individuals has had enormous impact on my growth in Christ. I have included several messages by some of these characters on my Lecture Playlist. When you click on this link it will open up to a message delivered by one of the most influential philosopher/theologians of our day, JP Moreland, as he speaks for only 8min on the Existence of God set to an intersting musical groove. (This is really neat) Also, my video collection on Vodpod includes both music from various artists and messages from various speakers who have impacted me. It is a work in progress.

2. Because I’m an auditory learner (I was actually tested as a child), I’ve found that I can retain much more when I listen to people speak rather than when I read. I do love to read but a dilemna became apparent to me after reading William Lane Craig’s book on the Kalam Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God several years back. Maybe I was just tired but I found it difficult to follow his arguments. I would reread without a lot of retention. Granted it was rather complex material but when I listened to that same information in mp3 format, I seemed to just “get” what he was communicating. Anyways, this would often happen while reading my Bible. So I started looking for an audio version. I know there are lots of choices these days for audio Bibles but I have really enjoyed the Audio Bible Online. If you have difficulty concentrating while reading your Bible, try just listening. It has been helpful for me:)

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