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Songs of Rest-oration


I was thinking today how fast time goes by. I started listening to a song and my wife Kaylee said, “Do you remember rocking Wyatt to sleep to that song when he was a baby?” I instantly teared up as a rush of both sorrow and joy hit me while I reflected on the mental image of my little boy (who is now almost three)  falling asleep in my arms. My oldest, Brendan (4), was more into Nora Jones. But for Wyatt it was the following two songs alone that would have any impact. If you have little ones and you are trying to get them to sleep using that silly “let’s make him/her cry to sleep method,” then I would encourage you to go pick them up and hold them snug. Hum or sing softly to them, or play the following songs to them as you rock them to sleep. I promise you, they will be alright! And you will gain an experience that could deeply impact your soul, forever.

Oh the Deep, Deep, Love of Jesus

God of Mercy

These two songs you can download free along with many others at The updated hymns they provide on their site have been indespensible in my private worship especially during times in my life when I have been burdened on some level. Everytime I listen to them, they remind to cast my cares at the foot of the cross of Jesus where I can find rest and rest-oration.

“I cast all my cares upon you – I lay all of my burdens down at your feet – And anytime I don’t know what to do – I just cast all my cares upon you.” -unknown



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  1. Howdy Rand! Yipee!! You have a blog!!! :) Oh and your unknown “i cast all my cares…” I remember from Kids Praise Tapes with Psalty the Songbook, when they go camping and a boy gets lost up in the woods because he went off the path looking for fireword. I think it came from one of those, tape #4 or something like that. :)

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