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Hello, My name is Rand Wagner (age 32) and this is my first blog ever! I hope that if you decide to read future blogs, that you are encouraged by their content. I have decided in this first post to dedicate this blog and its fruit to the King of Kings- Jesus Christ. It is only due to His reality and grace that I have life or breath or any significance that endures. And so I hope through this blog to glorify my Creator, the Alpha and Omega, the One by whom all things came into existence, the only wise and most beautiful God- Yahweh. May he bless my words for His own glory and the encouragment of His people. At times in this blog I may tend to the intellectual because my experience has shown that much of the church like the culture has not valued reason or the life of the mind in its apprenticeship to Jesus. Although my desire is to encourage the rational aspect of discipleship and the veracity of the Christian Worldview and gospel, I will fall short on some level unless you the reader are genuinely impacted in your heart and transformed in your affection for Christ and others. Ultimately, I want to encourage both truth and grace, mind and heart, reason and faith as I grow to be like Jesus who is the epitome of brilliant compassion.  For you readers who don’t trust Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, my hope is that this blog will demonstrate and provide intellectual justification for placing your faith in Him, so that you may come to Him for real, abundant life. A life so enveloped by joy despite suffering, that it surpasses human understanding.

To close, I have spent my entire adult life to this point thinking about various issues in Philosophy, Apologetics, Theology, History, and Scripture, in an effort to know what I think and why I think it. I would encourage anyone who doubts the reality of the infinite God, His incarnation in Jesus, His love for you, or any other issue to ask the hard questions of me. I obviusly don’t know everything (see my next post), but it is my life’s passion to know more of Reality and help make that Reality known to others. Hopefully what I do know at this stage of my journey may help you in your search for truth, meaning, and significance in your life.

through the glass dimly,  Rand





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  1. wonderful wonderful wonderful….how eloquent you are! i will look forward with great anticipation your posts….you have so much to share and now that your heart is catching up with your head, how much greater you will impact all of us who will be faithful readers….
    how great is our God….that he should have given you to me to be called a son and to be loved like one….

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